Friday, January 29, 2010

Agile ADO.Net Persistence Layer Download is on CodePlex

I’ve have quite a few requests for sample code so I pulled the AAPL code out of my app, put it in a stripped down ASP.Net MVC sample app and published it on CodePlex.   You will need Visual Studio 2008,  ASP.Net MVC Framework version 1.0, and Sql Server 2008 to run the sample app.  A db backup file is included in the zip and in the source code. You can download the code at:


  1. Hey Rudy,

    Thanks for sharing you thoughts and experience its a great read. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    I was able to open up the project but thought I'm mention a few things.

    1. Your hidden SVN folders part of the ZIP. You should Export the project and share it without these folders.

    2. The sln file seems to be VS 2008. It failed to open so opened it with VS2010 and allowed it to convert the project. After that everything was smooth.

    Again thanks for posting the code!

  2. The demo database is empty.